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Brexit: Loss of EHIC ‘to stop thousands of Britons with long-term illnesses taking holidays abroad’ Jon Stone Brussels Jeremy Hunt has been urged to intervene in Brexit talks to stop British people from losing their right to free healthcare on the continent – amid warnings that changes could prevent those with long-term conditions from leaving the […]

Benidorm cracks down on badly behaved Brits – as police order tourists to ‘cover up’ and nab base jumpers The council says it wants to put an end to ‘uncivic behaviour’ that is damaging the image of the resort BENIDORM is the latest Spanish holiday resort to get tough on anti-social behaviour, with the local […]

The costa Blanca region prepares its beaches for the summer season with benefits such as the rental of chairs and umbrellas, water platforms or kiosks The first aid services that started at Easter will be reinforced in summer with more troops.Summer arrives and, with it, the tourist season in which the beaches of Marina Baixa […]

Brittany Ferries New Cork to Santander Route Boarding a ferry is always an option for those who want to travel with their own car without having to think about renting a car when they arrive at the destination, but also if they spend a night in the middle of the sea and enjoy a cruise […]

If you took the quiz, how you would fare !! Meghan Markle will be taking a Life In the UK British citizenship test following her marriage to Prince Harry. Harry and American former actress Meghan revealed their engagement on 27 November last year and it was confirmed by Harry’s communications secretary that she would be applying […]

A rare glimpse of the interior of the control centre of Spains Guardia civil. The link features some previously unseen photos of their main control centre. (Its like something out of”spectre”! lol) Three civil guards monitor real-time information in the Operations Room. JAMES RAJOTTE The first security control involves a digital fingerprint reading; the second keying […]